Wish you could run 5k and feel fabulous? 


You can do it - now is the time. We will get you there. 

Come join as we guide you every step of the way to that 5k finish line. 

Get Running

Wish you were a runner but just can't get started?

Fear not, we are here to help.

You can do it and feel fabulous this spring. 

Get Running

Don’t start a couch-to-5k app again and give up after a few weeks.


Instead, come join us as we get you started, and most importantly, enjoying running. 


This programme will have you running 5k with a smile by end of April. Yes, even you!


Imagine heading into the summer knowing you can pop on your runners, head out the door and know you wont be breathless or uncomfortable - oh the freedom!


It is all ahead of you.


Start date: 6th March 2023. 

NOTE: Next start date after this will be in Sept 2023. Don't wait that long!

Get Running this Spring

Is it for me?

This programme is suitable for complete beginners or those returning to running post injury, post natal, or indeed after any long break! But if you can already run 10 minutes slowly, you would be better joining our slightly more advanced running courses.

How it works

The programme is delivered online so you can complete it in your own time. Mary guides you each week with videos, training plans and tips.

 Bonus extra : If you are Dublin based, come join us each week in Sandymount for a running class (Mondays 7.30pm). 

What happens each week 

Over 7 weeks, Mary will introduce you to running while building your confidence, strength, endurance and motivation. Through weekly videos and coaching tips delivered to your inbox, we will cover everything from good technique to breathing tips, clothing questions to pacing. Each week you will have ‘homework’ -  3 run/walk training sessions to follow along.  

Special Bonus!

As part of this programme you can also join our beginners running class each Monday at 7.30pm in Sandymount, Dublin where we will complete our ‘homework’ as a group.

✔️ Meet others who are new to running

✔️ Share the running minutes together

✔️ Get answers to all your questions.

If you can't make it in person, don’t worry – everything we do in class will be in our videos and notes too. You can email for support and time too. 

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Teresa, Dublin

What has impressed me most about Forget the Gym is the continuous ‘aftercare’ – weekly e-mails with extra support and motivation that shows the coaches are truly passionate about what they do. What I really loved was that everyone was made feel special (unlike some clubs who are only interested in the ‘fit’ people) and treated exactly the same.


Have Fun Running!

There is no competition between our runners. You are not too slow! You can run at your pace and don’t need to push yourself too much. We are all there to support and encourage eachother. Our aim is to help you run effortless and enjoy it too. 

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Mary Jennings Running Coach

We've helped over 10,000 people to start running! Why not you?

Mary Jennings Running Coach

Mary Jennings

Mary is the author of the book Get Running’ published in 2019 by Gill Books. She is a regular columnist with The Irish Times and a frequent voice on radio, television and print. She has plenty practise on the roads herself having completed over 45 marathons and ultramarathons. As well as working with individual and groups, Mary has presented at many wellness events and coaches corporate groups.

Mary founded ForgetTheGym 15 years ago when she left her proper job  to follow her passion for moving outdoors. A relative late comer to fitness, Mary understands what it’s like not to feel ‘sporty’ and loves building confidence in new runners and helping people reach their running goals. 

Aoife Slater

Just like Mary, Aoife discovered running as an adult and has seen it transform not only her appearance but also her lifestyle. From being a self-confessed overweight and unfit couch potato, things changed in 2009 when she built up slowly from walking to running 10k and hasn’t looked back. She truly caught the running bug, qualified as a personal trainer in 2011 and has since replaced the 9-5 office job with running shoes.

From parkruns to marathons, Aoife has seen running change her body and her mindset and today coaches our runners who need support, motivation and a gentle nudge in the right direction.

Beginners Running 2023


6th Mar - 30th Apr 2023

  • 7 Week Guided Programme 

  •  Weekly Coaching lessons 

  •  Step-by-Step training plans 

  •  Follow along videos  

  •  Online Support and QnA 

    Bonus : Weekly Running class 

    End of term : 5k Celebration
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